We believe in


Our Mission & Vision

To offer you interdisciplinary support utilising a trusted and dedicated team of professionals within the TLC network, ensuring a seamless and safe experience.
Create a reputable network of highly sought after healthcare professionals who strive to elevate the lives of those who seek quality support.

Who is TLC?

A support hub to
connect and grow.

An interdisciplinary support platform that is passionate about helping you obtain life long support from a clinical guidance perspective.

Our love for people gives us the ability to deliver a holistic health service unlike any other practice.

What do we do?

Holistic care for you.

Connecting you with a trusted clinical specialist to help guide and solve development concerns on a holistic level.

Reliable and friendly specialists
that are empowering and innovative

At TLC we stand for purpose and hold a strong set of values that align with our vision.
Our beliefs are a guiding principle of what separates us from the rest.

The TLC Story

Founder Elizabeth Lucas, sets
up her own 1 room practice on
William St Earlwood. TLC
Speech Pathology is Born!
We established a mobile caseload which rapidly grew.
Set up of a 4 room clinic on Earlwood Ave, Earlwood. TLC Is born.
3 new Speech Pathology staff members join a growing case load, forming the beginning of the TLC team.
Further outgrowing of premises and onboarding of more Speech Pathologists, and Occupational Therapy and Psychology staff members making TLC a multidisciplinary team.
Outgrowing yet another premises, TLC moves once more to a multi-purpose 15 room clinic - Complete with dedicated staff redevelopment areas, meeting rooms, and seminar facilities. The new TLC Centre includes, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Exercise Physiology and more in a uniquely collaborative space.
2022 and beyond
Here’s where you come in! We’re constantly growing and evolving as a team, and are excited about our future! Are you the next TLC Professional?

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