TLC is proud to be operating as a
teaching clinic in collaboration with UTS.

Our Speech Pathologists have taken on the role of training and supervising speech pathology students from the Master’s and Undergraduate programs as Clinical Educators. They provide these students with the skills, expertise and insight necessary to become a successful Speech Pathologist.

Hear from our speech pathologists about their experience supervising students:

TLC Centre has also welcomed Health Science students from UTS to complete their professional placement, which is a core requirement for a third-year student.

Students are required to apply to clinics of their preference, and interview for the position to complete their 140 hours of block placement.

Students are required to apply, synthesise and consolidate skills they have acquired during their study of their Bachelor of Health Science course through a supervised work placement.

If you are a Health student looking for your next site to complete your placement program, consult your University faculty team to see if you are eligible to apply!

For more information, reach out to Samantha from TLC Centre via email:

Some of the key objectives that the students will gain include, but are not limited to:

Gain professional experience in a health clinic environment

Understand guidelines/policies that must be followed as an employee

Collaborate within a team environment as well as in a multi-disciplinary setting

How to perform/work under pressure & to think on your toes

Time management and multitasking

Learning how to communicate with clients in a practical setting to meet their enquiry or service needs

Become a Specialist